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Jenny (Harris) Hershaw

Position: PhD Student (STFC)

PhD Supervisor: Prof. Valery Nakariakov

Project Topic: Magnetohydrodynamic waves and oscillations in the solar corona

Research Area:
Observational research into waves in the solar corona. In particular, investigating the nature of prominence oscillations and EUV global waves, also the use of the Hilbert-Huang transform as a method of analysing coronal oscillations such as quasi-periodic pulsations in solar flares.

J. Hershaw, C. Foullon, V. M. Nakariakov & E. Verwichte 2011, Damped large amplitude transverse oscillations in an EUV solar prominence, triggered by large-scale transient coronal waves, A&A, vol 531. DOI, pdf, poster, movie1, movie2

I teach Mathematics for Physics examples classes for first year undergraduates during terms 1 & 2, and demonstrate in the first year Electronics Workshop during term 3.

PGA Introduction to Academic & Professional Practise, University of Warwick, 2010
MSc Physics & Technology of Nuclear Reactors, University of Birmingham, 2008
BSc Physics, University of Sussex, 2001


Contact Details


telephone: +44(0)2476 150215

office: PS 1.07