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Daniel O'Connell

Position: CFSA PhD Student

Supervisor: Bogdan Hnat

Room Number: 117

Project Title: Plasma Heating and Kinetic Instabilities in the Terrestrial Foreshock

Project Description: My work thusfar has involved analyzing data from the Cluster archive, building upon mathematical techniques outlined in Beall, J. Appl. Phys., 53(6), 1986. The main focus has been to determine the dispersion relation for a variety of different plasma species through a range of dates of interest.

Background: I studied for my MPhys at the University of York (2009-2013) where my final year project investigated the thrust and specific impulse output of small (~cm) rf-driven plasma discharge rockets suitable for use on microsatellites.

CFSA Computing: I tend to the CFSA computers and IDL licensing. Any hardware/software issues on CFSA owned machines can be directed to the resource. Alternatively you can find me in my office; 117. I can also deal with self-managed computers that belong to staff of the CFSA, to a limited extent.