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Olly Smith


I am a PhD student in the cohort beginning in the 2018/19 academic year. I am working under Ben McMillan, exploring the properties and theory of propagating turbulent structures in Tokamak plasmas. My work so far has been to create an implementation of the plasma interchange (PI) model [1] using spectral methods, use this to recreate the investigations performed in [1], and develop a code which locates periodic orbits and travelling waves in this model.

In the near future I aim to be finishing the above work, applying the periodic orbit finding code to gyrokinetic simulations, exploring the properties of the turbulence seen in the PI model and adapting the PI model code to explore the importance of the subcriticality of the model.

Outside of work I attend a Church in Coventry, play ultimate frisbee, enjoy board games and video games and ride into university on my unicycle.


In addition to my own studies I teach problem classes for the first year undergraduate courses:

  • PX101: Quantum Phenomena
  • PX120: Electricity and Magnetism
  • PX145: Physics Foundations
  • PX148: Classical Mechanics and Special Relativity

Students can contact me via the email address to the right.


[1] C. C. T. Pringle, B. F. McMillan, and B. Teaca, Physics of Plasmas 24, 122307 (2017).



Office: PS107

Pronouns: He/Him