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Dr Heather Ratcliffe

Position: Research Software Engineer for the Scientific Computing RTP, seconded to Physics


  • PhD in Physics and Astronomy, University of Glasgow, UK, 2013. ''Electron Beam Evolution and Radio Emission in the Inhomogeneous Solar Corona'' Supervisor: Dr Eduard P. Kontar
  • MSc in Mathematics and Physics (1st Class), University of Warwick, UK, 2008. Masters project: ''Simulation of laser-plasma interaction in inertial-confinement fusion'' Supervisor: Dr Tony Arber

Primary Duties:

Supporting/modifying/maintaining the EPOCH code under Tony Arber and Keith Bennett

Work on developing a database of mathematical objects in number theory with J. Cremona (Maths)

Supporting Warwick's access to the Athena Tier-2 supercomputing facility

Link to my Google Scholar Profile

Email: h.ratcliffe{@}

Office number: PS 104