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Bernard Reman

I am Bernard Reman and I have just submitted my PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof. Richard Dendy & Prof. Sandra Chapman. I use large hybrid-kinetic simulations to study fast ion physics in fusion plasmas and I am currently looking for post-doctoral positions.

Project title: Interpreting Observations of Ion Cyclotron Emission from Energetic Ion Populations in Large Helical Device plasmas (Thesis submitted)

Education: MSc Physics (UCL Belgium, 2012), MSc in Mathematical Modelling (UCL London, 2013)

Project outline: 

Ion Cyclotron Emission (ICE) has been observed in numerous tokamaks over the past decades and more recently in stellarators. This radiative collective instability has especially been observed in deuterium-tritium (DT) plasmas in both JET and TFTR, driven by the fusion-born alpha particles. With ITER (soon) entering in operations, ICE could be a useful and passive diagnostics of energetic ion physics.

During my project, I have collaborated with LHD in Japan and with JET at Culham on the analysis and interpretation of their ICE measurements. My work focuses on the study of the magnetoacoustic cyclotron instability which is the underlying emission mechanism of ICE. To that purpose, I have run large hybrid-PIC simulations on the Warwick HPC facilities. The hybrid approach treats the electrons as a neutralising fluid and retains fully kinetic ions, which is well suited for the physics of ICE. The code initially used massless electrons and now allows inertial electrons. The related linear hybrid kinetic dispersion has been calculated providing validation and comparison with fully kinetic approaches.


McClements, K.G., Brisset, A., Chapman, B., Chapman, S.C., Dendy, R.O., Jacquet, P., Kiptily, V., Mantsinen, M. and Reman, B.C.G., 2018. Observations and modelling of ion cyclotron emission observed in JET plasmas using a sub-harmonic arc detection system during ion cyclotron resonance heating. Nuclear Fusion 58 096020

Dendy R.O., Reman B., Akiyama T., Chapman S.C., Cook J.W.S., Igami H., Inagaki S., Saito K. and Yun G.S. 2017 Proc. 44th EPS Conf. on Plasma Physics (Belfast, Northern Ireland, 26-30 June 2017) p P5.145

Reman B., Dendy R.O., Akiyama T., Chapman S.C., Cook J.W.S., Igami H., Inagaki S., Saito K. and Yun G.S. 2016 Proc. 43rd EPS Conf. on Plasma Physics (Leuven, Belgium, 4–8 July 2016) p P2.041

Contact details:


Office: Physical Sciences building, room PS117