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Simon White

Position: PhD Student (STFC)

Supervisor: Dr. Erwin Verwichte (CFSA)

Project Title: MHD wave propagation and coupling in the solar atmosphere

Background: MPhys, University of York (2018)

Project Outline:

The strongly magnetised nature of the solar atmospheric plasma allows for the propagation of a diverse range of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) waves. Of particular interest is the study of wave propagation within the coronal loops, plasma structures ubiquitous to the solar atmosphere. The study of which is primarily motivated by the explanation of the coronal heating problem and is a key element in wave-based heating models of the corona and in understanding space-weather relevant dynamics such as flares and CMEs. My work uses codes developed at Warwick, particularly the LareXd Lagrangian remap codes used to solve the MHD equations and also data from the solar satellites Hinode, IRIS and SDO.

A standing kink mode oscillation of a coronal loop, which has been simulated using LARE.




White, S.J., Verwichte, E., 2021, Acoustic reponse to transverse oscillations in a solar coronal loop, A&A, 654, A33

White, S.J., Verwichte, E., 2023, Acoustic response in the transition region to transverse oscillations in a solar coronal loop, A&A, 670, A1

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Department of Physics
The University of Warwick