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Angela Goncalves dos Santos

Ângela earned her Ph.D in 2017 from the University of Porto (Portugal), in collaboration with Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences (Portugal) and School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Birmingham (UK). Soon after, Ângela became a researcher assistant at Space Science Institute, in Boulder, Colorado (US). Currently Ângela is a postdoctoral researcher at Centre for Fusion, Space and Astrophysics (Department of Physics, University of Warwick, UK).

One of the focus of Ângela's research concerns the relation between stellar magnetic activity and acoustic-oscillation properties of the Sun and Sun-like stars. Ângela have studied the contribution from the strong component of the solar magnetic field to the observed variations of the acoustic-oscillation frequencies. Ângela also searched for similar signatures of magnetic activity (frequency variations) in solar-type stars observed by the Kepler satellite. Significant frequency variations were found in a large number of stars and have been shown to be related to stellar magnetic activity. Those frequency variation also allowed to determine magnetic properties of stars. Ângela is also a specialist on long-term brightness variations due to spot modulation. Ângela uses photometric data collected by Kepler, K2, and TESS to constrain properties of stellar rotation and magnetic activity.

List of publications: