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I take support classes for the module Maths for Scientists, twice a week. This page contains a couple of links which I think are usfull for people taking this module.

Times & Location:

  • Group 1: Thursday, 14:00, P520B.
  • Group 2: Friday, 10:00, P520B.
Work should be handed into my pigeon hole, in the Space and Astrophysics Group offices, in physical sciences (across the bridge from Physics) on the monday after it is set.

These are the books that I use whenever I'm stuck on a bit of Math. They are generally texts from first year Mathematics courses, so they may go into too much detail...


  • Mathworld: Online maths encyclopedia, from the makers of Mathematica.
  • Mathmatical Symbols: Definitions of the most commonly used maths symbols and short-hand.