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Gabor Szepesi

Name: Gabor Szepesi


Position: PhD Student

Supervisor: Dr Arthur Peeters (CFSA), Dr Michele Romanelli (UKAEA Culham)

Project Title: Compressional effects in tokamak microturbulence

Brief description of project:

General gyrokinetic equations show that the magnetic perturbation in the direction of the equilibrium field, the magnetic compression, plays an important role in high-beta plasmas, such as that in MAST, therefore have to be taken into account in simulation of turbulent transport processes. My primary task is to implement the compressional gyrokinetic equations in the gyrokinetic code GKW then compare the results with measurements performed on MAST. Our goal is to find a connection between the heat transport predicted by linear runs and the saturated mode structure seen in high-beta tokamak plasmas.