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Christopher Wrench

Position: CFSA PhD Student

Supervisor: Erwin Verwichte

PhD Topic: Collisional transport of trace impurity species in tokamak plasmas

Studied: October 2008 - September 2012

Background: Physics MSci from The University of Nottingham

Research Interests

My interests include: charged particle dynamics; particle transport and neoclassical theory; ideal MHD equilibria; toroidal magnetic field representation and differential geometry; numerical modelling of plasmas; spherical tokamaks and stellarators and Hamiltonian and Lagrangian mechanics.

During my PhD study I investigated the orbital dynamics of impurity ions in a MAST-like plasma using the full orbit, test particle simulation code CUEBIT in order to determine the effects of rotational shear and transport barriers on collisional particle transport. In the presence of transport barriers neoclassical theory (the standard theory of collisional plasma transport) is not applicable. Thus, full orbit simulations provide a valuable insight into the transport of particles in such scenarios.

Conferences and Workshops

    Contact Details

    chris dot wrench at alumni dot warwick dot ac dot uk