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Making professional presentations using Beamer LaTeX

Beamer is a LaTeX class for creating professional presentations that are held using a projector. As it gets directly exported to a pdf file (using pdfLatex), the presentations will be compatible with most major operating systems, such as MS Windows, Linux and MAC OS.

A beamer presentation is created like any other LaTeX document: It has a preamble and a body, the body contains \sections and \subsections, the different slides (called frames in beamer) are put in environments, they are structured using itemize and enumerate environments, and so on.

They are several advantages in using Beamer LaTeX to create your presentations:

  • If you already know LaTeX then you do not need to learn another language/program, such as MS Power Point.
  • It is compatible with all major operating systems - so no unpleasant surprises of suddenly appearing symbols in complex equations
  • You only need a PDF reader to show the presentation.
  • You can easily create overlays and dynamic effects.
  • You can easily change the entire layout of your presentation by applying different themes which are predefined in the Beamer class.

If you are interested in learning more about Beamer then join my workshop!


What: I will be giving an introduction into the beamer class along with various examples (that should be around 2h long). As the workshop will be help in a computer room, there will be plenty of opportunities to try the various features directly on your own projects. If you are interested, I will organise a follow-up event where you will have the opportunity to try out the newly learnt material by creating and presenting a Beamer presentation.

When: 23th April 2012 from 10am-12pm (Introduction in Beamer)

Where: Maths/Stats room A0.01 (Introduction in Beamer)

Requirements: Basic knowledge of LaTeX and csc account to access the computers (see csc webpage)

How to register: Please send me an email (k dot wuensch at warwick dot ac dot uk) to register and state if you are also interested in the follow-up session
(as the capacity of the room is limited, the registration will be held on a first come, first served basis)

Please note:

You need to register to attend!

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