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My Research

My research centres upon use of the MISHKA code to determine the structure of wavemodes found within tokamaks and the solar crona. So far I have been working on modeling modes within tokamaks and have developed scripts to track the frequency of a wavemode as the parameters fed into the MISHKA code are altered. Thus far I have produced code which will track the frequency of the wavemode in a computational tokamak equilibrium generated through the HELENA code as the q-profile is shifted in value (keeping it's derivative constant). I have presented this work at the 31st EPS Plasma Physics Conference at Imperial Colege London (July 2004) and at the 31st IoP Plasma Physics Group meeting in York (May 2004).

In the near future I hope to improve my code in order to allow the modification of the shape of the q-profile through the addition of currents to existing HELENA equlibria. The aim of this work is to better reproduce the experimentally determined evolution of the frequency of a wavemode; the computational equilibria producing such a match should reflect reality better than the initial estimates from the HELENA code.

After completing this work in the field of tokamaks I will move to attempt to use the MISHA code to reproduce wavemodes observed in loops within the solar corona (in particular those seen by the TRACE mission).

Solar Links

The Transition Region And Coronal Explorer has produced images of section of the solar corona showing amazing detail and allowing us to see waves in a manner not previously possible.
The UK's strategic science agency and source of the majority of my funding.

Tokamak Links

The tokamak I obtain data from - currently the world's largest.
UKAEA Fusion
The organsiation funding my tokamk work and providing me with access to JET data.