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Website Collections

General Plasma:

Plasma Books

Plasma Formulary (Online version and Free request, Naval Reseach Laboratory, USA)

PlasmaNet Mailist Subscription

Plasma on the Internet

Database for Atomic and Plasma Physics

Atomic Data and Analysis Structure

Online Plasma course:

Solar Study:

The Structure of The sun (Interactive Animation, University of Glamorgan)

lecture Notes on Stellar Oscillation(Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard, ref: Helioseismology, Review of Modern Physics 74 (2002) 1073)

Active Region Numbering Map (Archive)

A New Sun: Solar Results from Skylab (J.A. Eddy,NASA)

The Sun: An Introduction to MHD (A.W. Hood, St-Andrews)

Solar Storm

Space Weather

NASA Solar Physics

Astrophysics :

World Book@NASA

NASA Lunar & Planetary Science

Astronomy Cast

Starlink Software Collections for Astronomy (Open source)

Nuclear Fusion :

Fusion Education Website (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Iteractive Education Website

Fusion Ignition Research Experiment (FIRE) and Burning Plasma Program

Fusion Power Associate

Internatioanl Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER):

Joint European Torus (JET):

(National Ignition Facility) NIF

Nuclear Engineering:

World Nuclear University

World Nuclear Association

Power Reactor Information Service (IAEA)

World Nuclear Transportation Institue

Nuclear Energy Institute

Nuclear Engineering International (Magazine, newsletters, World Nuclear Industry Handbook, Buyer's Guide, Review of Fuel Design and Reactor Marcket etc.)

World Information Service on Energy

Nuclear & Particle Physics:

Particle Adventure (Illustrative Education)

Review of Particle Physics (Particle Data Group)

General Physics:

How to Become a Good Theoretical Physicist (Gerard't Hooft) (Good Recommendations and links to free resources)

Lecture notes (Huge collections of reviews and links online resources)

Electromagnetic Field Theory (online textbook Bo Thide)

Advanced Classical Electromagnetism (Online textbook Richard Fitzpatrick)

Quantum Mechanics (Online textbook Richard Fitzpatrick)

Thermodynamics and Statistics (Online textbook Richard Fitzpatrick)

Newtonian Dynamics (Online textbook Richard Fitzpatrick)

Classical Mechanics (Online textbook Richard Fitzpatrick)

Computational Physics (Online textbook Richard Fitzpatrick)

Electromagnetism and Optics (Online textbook Richard Fitzpatrick)

Oscillations and Waves (Online textbook Richard Fitzpatrick)


NIST Digital Library fo Mathematics

S.O.S. Maths (Mathematical tables and formulae)

Planet Math

Mathematical Assistant Web (online tools)

Applied Maths Book (Sean's anti-copyright version)

Pauls' Online Math Notes

The Numerical Recipies online version

Uncertainties and Errror Propagation (Dr. Vern Lindberg, Rochester Institute of Technology, Physics)

Uncertainty discussion (easy to understand)


The C book (M. Banahan, D. Brady and M. Doran)


C elements of Style (Programming style)

Designing and Building Parallel Progams (Ian Foster)

Progamming for Scientiss (guideline for project programming)