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Our visits

Valery Nakariakov and Yihua Yan at the Mingantu Observatory, the Inner Mongolia, the site of the Chinese Spectral Radio Heliograph (CSRH):


The small white antennas in the valley are the low-frequency 5-m dishes of the future heliograph. September 2012.

Yihua Yan and Kris Murawski with members of their groups visiting the Siberian Solar Radio Telescope (SSRT), Badary.


The visit is hosted by Aleksandr Altyntsev, Robert Sych and Sergey Lesovoi, ISTP, Irkutsk. September 2012.

The workshop at the Pulkovo Observatory,


chaired by Victor Melnikov (Pulkovo), and attended by Elena Kupriyanova (Pulkovo), Hana Mészárosová (Ondrejov), Larisa Kashapova (Irkutsk), Valery Nakariakov (Warwick), Yulia Kopylova (Pulkovo) and Yury Tsap (Crimea). September 2012.

The RAS "G" Specialist Discussion Meeting "Kinetic Processes and Radiophysics of the Sun":

img_0852.jpg img_0853.jpg

Baolin Tan (NAOC) and Eduard Kontar (Glasgow) are presenting their recent research results. October 2012.

Solar ALMA workshop, Glasgow, where members of 6 RadioSun teams were giving talks and participating in discussions:


From left to right: Dr Veronika Reznikov (K.U. Leuven) Dr Miroslav Barta (Ondrejov), Dr Sergey Anfinogentov (Irkutsk), Dr Victor Melnikov (Pulkovo), Professor Valery Nakariakov (Warwick) and Dr Eduard Kontar (Glasgow). January 2013.

Gatherning of the RadioSun members at AICR, Prague, Czech Republic:


Pulkovo team:


NAOC team:


June 2013

Dr Nicola Bian (Glasgow) at the Siberian Solar Radio Telescope (Irkutsk):

Bian at SSRT

The 1st RadioSun workshop and Summer School, China:

img_2685.jpg img_2689.jpg

Openning ceremony.


Session in progress.


Discussion in progress: Robert Sych (Irkutsk), Petr Kotrch (Ondrejov), Baolin Tan (NAOC), Victor Melnikov (Pulkovo), Hana Meszarosova (Ondrejov), Marian Karlicky (Ondrejov), Alexei Kuznetsov (Irkutsk), Heather Ratcliffe (Warwick).

November 2013

The 2nd RadioSun-2 Workshop and Summer School, Lublin, Poland


Gathering before the Summer School


Joint photo of the RadioSun-2 Workshop and Summer School participants.

May 2014

RadioSun-3 Workshop and Summer School in Pulkovo, Russia, August 2014.


Giuseppe Nistico, Warwick, UK, is giving a talk.


Discussion after the talk of Dmitrii Kolotkov, Warwick, UK.

RadioSun-4 Workshop and Summer School in Irkutsk, Russia, May 2015.


Valery Nakariakov is openning the RadioSun-4.


RadioSun-4 participants.


Visiting the Siberian Solar Radio Telescope.

RadioSun-5 Workshop and Summer School in Czech Republic, May 2016.


Valery Nakariakov's talk at RadioSun-5: a novel model of decayless kink oscillations of coronal loops is proposed.


A lunch-break picture of the RadioSun-5 participants.