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Applet Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing problems trying to use any of our tools, please consider the suggestions from this list, but if the problem persists, please be so kind to let us know. We will try our best to help since we want our tools to be used.

Try to consider first

  • Have you given permission to the applet, the applet will not run if you don't (the question might even pop up twice)
  • Watch out for messages you need to confirm, e.g. the permission question in chrome is easily overlooked

  • Reload the page in the browser, but beware about the fact that in many browsers reloading is not always reliable, so also consider restarting or even better, try another browser first

  • Simply wait an long while to check, if a slow connection is the cause of the problem (once the applet has run for the first time, it should be faster the next time), while there is a status bar message along the line waiting for the wait might still be rewarded

Problem might be with Java

  • Is Java installed on your computer (type java -version in a console to check)
  • try to run a Java application (e. g. try the particle simulator or the plasma waves analyzer)
  • Is Java enabled in your browser

  • Clear cache in browser

  • Clear Java cache using the Java preferences, while you are at it, change the settings so the Java console is shown when Java is used

  • Udate the Java plugin of your browser

  • Update your Java Version

Problem might be caused by the Browser

  • Enable the Java plugin in the browser

  • After making changes in the browser restart the browser

  • Update your browser

  • Try another browser

  • If you have navigated a lot a our page, maybe without waiting for the applet to load, this state might not recover without you clearing all caches and restarting the browser

Try, if applet used to run, but is not running now

  • Restarting your computer might help but keep in mind, that this does not clear the java cache in or outside the browser
  • Clear caches

If nothing helps

  • Please contact us
  • Or try another computer

If questions or problems arise, could you please provide your java Version, Operation System and browser used, is there a message in the status bar of the browser, any interesting or weird messages in the java console? What does happen?