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Former Students


Dr Matthew Dale mail

Colour Centres on Demand in Diamond


Dr Stephen Day mail.jpg

Studying Disordered Materials with Solid State NMR and ab initio Calculations



Dr Kelvin Goh

Investigation of quantum molecular dynamics of dihydrogen endofullerenes using inelastic neutron scattering and nuclear magnetic resonance



Stephen Hogg

Pulsed electrically detected magnetic resonance (pEDMR)



James Ross

Speed-up Strategies for Field-Cycling MRI



Dr Johannes McKay

New High Field Site-Directed Spin Labelling Techniques and Methodologies



Dr Mika Tamski

New Technologies for EPR/DNP-NMR Spectro-Electrochemistry


Dr Gabriele Stevanato mail.jpg

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Methodology


Zenawi Welderufael

Highly efficient quantum spin dynamics simulation algorithms





4th Year Students


Edward Breeds mail.jpg

Liquid state NMR experiments using a dedicated DNP NMR spectrometer based on a unique dual centre magnet


Ben Breeze mail.jpg

Relaxation and Rapid Scan Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

Graeme Finch photo

Graeme Finch mail.jpg

NMR integrated microfluidic device for sensitive detection of cell metabolomics


Angeliki Giannoulis mail.jpg

Pulsed dipolar spectroscopy on transition metal ions


Ben McGeorge-Henderson mail.jpg

Novel acquisition strategies for ultrafast NMR spectroscopy using hyperpolarised spin systems


Michael Stevens mail.jpg

The application of protein deuteration to EPR studies in spin label orientation and relaxation mechanisms, in large biological structures


Anton Tcholakov mail.jpg

Electrically-detected magnetic resonance for quantum information processing



James Wilman mail.jpg

Developing magnetic resonance instrumentation and multidimensional methods to study samples with mixed magnetic phases


Daniel Wisniewski mail.jpg

Theory and Transient Techniques to Characterize fast Spin Dynamics in DNP experiments

3rd Year Students


Joshua Clark mail.jpg

Multinuclear MAS and Internal Field 59Co Solid State NMR Studies of Fischer-Tropsch Catalyst Systems

Stuart Elliott Photo

Stuart Elliott mail.jpg

Hyperpolarized Long-Lived Singlet State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Applications to Microimaging and Microfluidics

 Adam El Qmache image

Adam El-Qmache mail.jpg

High pressure electron magnetic resonance

 Angelo Frangeshou image

Angelo Frangeskou mail.jpg

Quantum information processing with single electron spins in levitated diamonds

 Adam Gaunt Image

Adam Gaunt mail.jpg

ΜιχροSENSE with a dedicated DNP NMR Spectrometer

 David Goodwin

David Goodwin mail.jpg

Optimal Control of Quantum Systems

Tom Hooper Image

Tom Hooper mail.jpg

The development of 105Pd Solid State NMR Methodologies to study of Pd Nanaparticles used in Catalytic Processes

Michael Jolly image

Michael Jolly mail.jpg

Cryogenic magic-angle spinning NMR techniques for biomolecular samples

Claire Motion Image

Claire Motion mail.jpg

High Sensitivity Methods in EPR


Sinead Mottishaw mail.jpg

Controlling Spins by Squeezing Crystals


Samuel Page mail.jpg

Low Field 7Li and 31P MAS NMR Studies of Paramagnetic Olivine and Substituted Olivine-Based Battery Materials

Nick Payne

Nick Payne mail.jpg

Quadrupolar relaxation-based methods in FFC MRI

Maria Vlachou

Maria Vlachou mail.jpg

The use of Multinuclear MAS and Static Solid State NMR Methods to Investigate Oxide Supported Precious Metal Catalysts

Vasileios Zampetoulas mail.jpg

Ultra-low field effects in Fast Field-Cycling MRI