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Michael Jolly

I graduated from the University of Southampton in 2013 with a Masters in Chemistry (MChem), I am now currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Southampton co-supervised by Prof Malcolm Levitt and Dr Phil Williamson

Project Summary

My research project is focused on cryogenic magic-angle spinning NMR techniques for biomolecular samples.

Significant enhancements in sensitivity can be obtained through the acquisition of NMR data at cryogenic temperatures with the potential to revolutionise the study of biomolecular systems. Sensitivity enhancements will greatly facilitate the analysis of biomolecular systems such as fibrillar or membrane proteins, proteins that express poorly, and of protein states that are not highly populated.

The University of Southampton has developed one of the few systems in the world capable of performing magic-angle-spinning NMR at cryogenic temperatures. The current project will develop the techniques required to take advantage of this system in the context of biomolecular applications.

Many of the methods developed will facilitate the application of technologies such as dynamic nuclear polarization at cryogenic temperature.

Conferences and Workshops

02/12/2013-06/12/2013; University of Warwick; 2013 iMR CDT Kick-Off Workshop
16/12/2013; institute of Physics, London; BRSG Christmas Meeting
17/12/2013; Institute of Child Health, London; NMRDG Christmas Meeting
31/03/2014; University of Southampton; NMR Lab Opening Day
10/04/2014-13/04/2014; University of Dundee; 2015 iMR CDT Advanced Training Workshop and Research Conference
01/09/2014-03/09/2014; University of Hull; CCPN Conference Scarborough; Poster presented, Poster prize
16/09/2014-19/09/2014; University of Cambridge; pNMR conference; Poster presented
04/12/2014; University of Warwick; iMR CDT Student Seminar Series; Presentation given
26/03/2015; University of Warwick; The UK 850 MHz Solid-State NMR Facility meeting
13/04/2015-17/04/2015; University of Warwick; 2015 iMR CDT Advanced Training Workshop and Research Conference; Poster presented
05/06/2015-10/06/2015; Kongresové centrum Praha, a.s, Prague; Euromar 2015; Poster presented
20/06/2015-22/06/2015; University of Derby; CCPN Conference Buxton; Poster presented
17/09/2015-21/09/2015; University of Oxford; CASTEP Training Workshop
20/03/2016-23/03/2016; Marwell Hotel; 2016 iMR CDT Research Conference; Poster presented
07/04/2016; University of Warwick; The UK 850 MHz Solid-State NMR Facility meeting


Michael Jolly