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David Goodwin - Optimal Control of Quantum Systems

David Goodwin works at the University of Southampton, under the supervision of Dr. Ilya Kuprov in the Theoretical Spin Dynamics Group. Work includes improving and contributing to the Spinach library, a fast open-source spin dynamics simulation library, particularly Optimal Control.

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  • Camping & Hiking

    • Usually solo, but I will enjoy a challenging Mountain Hike with anyone. My skill level is probably moderate to advanced scrambling.
    • Camping: - a tent is usually used when camping, but using a tent does not mean that you are camping.
  • "Munro bagging"

    • I have mostly finished the Lake District and have now set myself personal challenge to climb all Scottish Munro Mountains - if anyone wants to join me in this, contact me - some of the more difficult Munros need more than just me.
    • My future aim is for the Inaccessible Pinnacle.
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy and classic Literature

  • LaTeX, Linux, and Matlab

    • I really don't like Microsoft products - using them is like only gesticulating to a computer to try to communicate, rather than telling a computer exactly what you want in a common language.
    • Matlab made my life much more simple after years of C++.
  • Coffee

    • Coffee + Mathematician = Mathematics.

Poland 2014

David Goodwin