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Jeol 2000FX

Jeol 2000 fx

The Jeol 2000FX

The Jeol 2000FX is an analytical transmission electron microscope (TEM). It is relatively straightforward to use and all new TEM users in the RTP begin on this instrument.

It remains the best machine for low magnifications (<20,000x) and also gives great diffraction contrast imaging with a small objective aperture.

Electron diffraction patterns (including high dynamic range patterns) can also be obtained.

Specification for Jeol 2000FX

• Resolution: 0.32 nm Point / 0.14 nm Lattice

• Accelerating Voltage 80 to 200kV

• Eucentric goniometer sample holder W/LaB6 filament

• EDAX Genesis analytical system with thin window detector

• Gatan Orius 11 megapixel digital camera


Example Images

jeol 2000 example
Self-assemblies prepared by RAFT dispersion polymerization.1
Characterisation of graphene oxide

(a) TEM image of a single GO sheet on a lacey carbon support; a double fold is visible in the top right corner. (b) SAED of the centre of the region shown in (a), the diffraction spots are labeled with Miller-Bravais indices. (c) Intensity profile through the diffraction spots labeled in (b). (d) TEM image with two overlapping GO sheets; a SAED pattern from the double sheet region (lower left side) is given in (e). (f) Electron diffraction pattern from a thin film of GO ca. 15 - 20 layers thick.2

Reference Publications

1 Y. Kang et al., Polymer Chemistry, 2015, 6, 106.

2 N. Wilson et al., ACS Nano, 2009, 3, 2457