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Microscopy data servers

****** NEWS: Data servers are migrating to a high capacity system starting with the ARM200 on 31 October 2019. ******

Other data servers will be transferred soon.

The computers attached to the TEMs, SEMs, AFMs, the FIB and the optical microscope allow data upload to one of 4 servers. These are visible on the microscope's data capture PC as a network folder in 'My Computer'. The USB ports have been disabled to limit the proliferation of viruses etc. You can access these servers from your desktop or laptop computer, on or off campus (Warwick login required). There are three steps.

1) Upload your data from the microscope PC to the network drive.

2) You need permission to be able to access the server from your own PC. Steve Hindmarsh S dot A dot Hindmarsh at warwick dot ac dot uk can add you to the list of approved users. Please state which microscopes you require data from. You will only have READ access to prevent accidental deletion/alteration of data.

3) On your desktop or laptop computer you need to map a network drive to the server in question.

The network drives you can map to are:


You can also map to \\\shared\HCSS6\Shared305 to see all four folders.

Your login details are normal IT services login except you must precede your username with "ads\"


Username: ads\phsTEST
Password: ********

How you map a network drive will depend on which OS you have. For Windows 7 there is an option in My Computer to "Map Network Drive" and for Windows XP the same option is available (though hidden in the Tools menu).

One of the most convenient ways to access the servers is to use the ExpanDrive client for MyFiles available to download from IT services, which you can configure to access the folders automatically when you start your computer.

If you have any issues logging in to a server first log out of windows and back in, which will clear any connections you may have. Contact Steve Hindmarsh S dot A dot Hindmarsh at warwick dot ac dot uk for support.