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Asylum Research MFP3D-SA

afm mfp3d

The Asylum Research MFP3D.

The Asylum Research MFP3D-SA is a very versatile atomic force microscope, suitable for use with a wide range of samples and features a vast array of modes.

It has a z-range of 40 um (extended head model) and an x and y movement of up to 90 um in a closed loop scan. The microscope differs from most others available on the market due to using seperate piezos for each plane. This allows for the use of nano-position sensors, minimising hysterisis and creep, whilst also ensuring flat scans.

The MFP-3D is able to image conductive, semiconductive and insulating samples in both air and liquid environments. The head can be adjusted to fit a wide range of sample sizes and both top down and bottom up illumination of samples is possible.

A heating stage (30 to 250 Celsius) is also available for use with the MFP3D, with the ability to image under a constant flow of N2.



Capabilities (modes)

X & Y scan 90 um   Alternate contact, AC (tapping) Contact mode
Z scan 40 um   Conductive AFM (C-AFM) Kelvin probe microscopy (SKPM)
X & Y noise < 0.5 nm   Electrostatic force microscopy(EFM) Dual AC
Z noise < 0.06 nm   Force mapping Nano-indentation
More available here!   and many more, please contact us if you are after a specific mode.

Example Images

Graphene ufm
Simultaneously captured height, UFM response, lateral and torsion and lateral amplitude.1
Height, frictional force microscopy and orientation map of graphene.2

Relevant Publications

1 M. S. Skilbeck et al. Nanotechnology, 2014, 25, 335708

2 A. J. Marsden et al. Nanotechnology, 2013, 24, 255704