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Jeol 2100 LaB6


The Jeol 2100 LaB6 is a transmission electron microscope (TEM) capable of high resolution images and suitable for a wide range of samples, from nanomaterials to those from the biological sciences. It is the modern day equivelent of our Jeol 2000fx, with the improvements one would expect from 30 years of technological advances.

The 2100 LaB6 can be used in scanning mode (STEM), using a probe down to 1.5 nm in size. Bright field (BF) and annular dark field (ADF) images can be collected simultaneously to provide information on the chemical composition of a sample.



  • Accelerating Voltage 80 to 200 kV
  • Point resolution 0.23 nm
  • Lattice resolution 0.14 nm
  • Magnification x2000 to 1500000
  • STEM capability
  • Tomography capability

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