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Jeol 4500 FIB/SEM


The Jeol 4500 has two columns; a 30 kV column with a LaB6 electron gun used in taking scanning electron microscopy images (SEM), and a 30 kV ion column with a Ga+ ion source to allow focused ion beam (FIB) cutting.

The FIB allows for very precise cutting of samples, with the SEM able to image the process in real time to give good control. A micromanipulator is also available to allow the user to pick up small objects.

This opens up many possibilities, including picking up individual particles a few micrometers in size, making a TEM specimen from a specific site with nm precision to obtaining a model system through repeated cutting and imaging.

Gemini b/w


  • FIB resolution of 5 nm @ 30 kV
  • Accelerating voltage 1 to 30 kV
  • Magnification 30 to 300000x
  • Maximum beam current 30 nA @ 30 kV
  • SEM resolution 2.5 nm @ 30 kV
  • Accelerating voltage 0.3 to 30 kV
  • Magnification 5 to 300000x

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