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Zeiss Gemini


This new microscope is an ultra-high resolution SEM with the best possible performance. A resolution of 1nm at 1kV and 0.6nm resolution at higher accelerating voltages is as good as it gets for any SEM in the world. It is now fully working and we are planning Demonstration Days for individual research groups. If you would like a day for your research group on the machine before it becomes available for everyone to use, please email

This machine has a large area SDD EDX detector, giving incredibly fast compositional analysis. A STEM detector and multi-TEM-sample holder is also part of the package. See here for some details.

Gemini b/w


  • Resolution < nm @ 1 kV
  • Accelerating voltage 100V to 30 kV
  • Field emission Gun
  • STEM - up to 12 samples at once

Example Images

Gemini 01

Low kV image of polymer balls

Gemini 02

Low kV image of polymer balls


STEM image of iron on polymer balls


Reference Publications