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Alex Hubert


I graduated from the University of Kent with an MPhys in 2014. I then decided with overwhelming naivety to take on the challenge of a PhD here at Warwick. To my great surprise, I am currently writing up my thesis and hope to submit in the spring of 2019!

I love giving presentations, both scientific and non-scientific. I am a frequent speaker at the Warwick physics postgraduate seminar series. Currently, I am writing a series of talks on wellbeing using stories from my own life.

Research Interests

I am working on using D-LACBED data to refine the structural parameters of inorganic crystals. Most notably atomic positions and Debye-Waller factors. To do this I have used and contributed to the Bloch-wave simulation software felix.


Talks and Posters (recent)

- Seeking Counsel
 Independent (Warwick, 2019) Oral Presentation

- Isotropic Debye‐Waller factor measurements for Cu, SrTiO3 and GaAs using digital electron diffraction
 IMC19 (Sydney, 2018), Mini Oral & Digital Poster
 BCA Spring Meeting (Warwick, 2018), Oral Presentation
 PCG summer school (Abingdon, 2018), Poster

- Probing the shape of atoms with digital electron diffraction
Postgraduate Seminar series (Warwick, 2018), Oral Presentation

- Meditation: The key to life's game of snakes and ladders
 Physics Cafe (Warwick, 2018), Oral Presentation: Video 
 Postgraduate Seminar series (Warwick, 2017), Oral Presentation



Office: P425
+44 (0)24 765 72840