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About the Course

The course emphasises both theoretical foundations and real-world application in core and advanced areas of behavioural economics and the cognitive science of judgement and decision making.

The typical candidate for the programme is one who already holds an Honours degree in a quantitative subject including Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Mathematics, Engineering, and Physics. Previous experience of psychology, economics, or behavioural science is not necessary.

Where do our students come from? They come from all over the world...

We have students from South America - Venezuela, Chile, Columbia, Brazil and Argentina. Asia is well represented with students from Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, India, China, Japan and Indonesia. Also Kenya, Lebanon, Russia, USA and Canada, the Middle East and Mexico. Europe is represented by Norway, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Malta, France, Spain and Belgium.

Professor Neil Stewart - How we designed this course

What is unique about this course?

"We're coming out with some breakthrough ideas here" Rafael Batista


Key Facts

Start dates: 30th September 2019 (Science Track)

Duration: 1 Year

Format: Full time taught course

Degree: Master of Science

Routes: Science Track (C8P7) or Economics Track (C8P8)