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Case Studies and Testimonials

Hear what our students think about the course

Renee Yin Zhang from China

"This course was extremely rewarding. It has changed the way I view and think about many things around me and motivated me to pursue a PhD in the field."

Ali Osseiran (now studying for a PhD at Warwick Business School)

Hear about Kora's experience

"The course was quite demanding but the benefits from successfully completing it are priceless. The curriculum was structured so that it not only familiarised us with the most suitable and updated topics and techniques of analysis in the field but also inspired and motivated us to gain a new perspective on the way that economics and individual’s decision making should be treated."

"We were continuously motivated to interact with our professors in the classroom, and to conduct research to replicate findings and theories not just accept them. We were also motivated to challenge ourselves by using the most up to date methods and tools of research."

Angeliki Bousiou

Ingvild Skarpeid, adviser at the Permanent Mission of Norway to the United Nations, MSc Behavioural and Economics Science (Economics Track)

I first chose to study at Warwick because in addition to a solid foundation in economics the University gave me the option of interdisciplinary studies. What the prospectus did not tell me was just how creative, entrepreneurial, international and inspirational the Warwick student community is! My experiences both from four years of studies and extracurricular activities at Warwick have prepared me very well for the fast-paced and multi-disciplinary work in an international organization such as the United Nations.

Xiaoping Xiong MSc Behavioural and Economics Science (Economics Track)

Xiaoping Xiong’s degree was in Hydro-Structure Engineering and she has since worked for a British financial derivatives trading company. Xiaoping became interested in the behaviours of investors and traders in the financial derivatives market and although she had no background in studying psychology or economics she decided that she wished to study these areas more fully before moving on to her next career choice.