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Extra-Curricular Activities


Our full induction programme is designed to help you settle in quickly and includes a number of social events, including a welcome reception, and introductory meetings with course directors. An in-depth library induction is offered to all students to help you make the most of our excellent resources.

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The MSc Behavioural and Economic Science students join the academics and researchers in a University-wide weekly DR@W seminar series. The format is one with lots of space for discussion, and MSc students are right at the heart of this! We have visiting speakers from around the world and research-in-progress talks from departments from across the University, including Psychology, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, and the Business School.

The Economics Department also arranges a Distinguished Lecturer Series for our students, which allows you to meet leading figures in the world of economics, and gain insights into future careers options. The Psychology Department has a meet-the-psychologist session running throughout term time.

We also have weekly seminars in Psychology and Economics.


The Economics Society is one of the longest standing academic societies and offer opportunities to hear top speakers, go on field trips and socialise. There are also many other relevant student led activities including Warwick Economics Exchange, the Economics Summit, TEDx Warwick, Warwick Emerging Markets Society, and more.

The Psychology Society has events throughout the year, culminating in a visit by students and academics to Cumberland Lodge, in Windsor Great Park, and a weekend of seminars and talks by students and researchers.

Cumberland lodge

The student branch of the Behavioural Science GRP, which MSc Behavioural and Economic Science students join, organises visiting speakers from behavioural science labs around the world and networking events. Most recently we've had a seminar on the neuroeconomics of financial bubbles from Prof. Colin Camerer, and a networking event with Warwick, LSE, and UCL students and over 20 companies at the Shard, London.