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Student Support

The Departments of Psychology and Economics have a dedicated academic and administrative team managing the MSc programmes. We also have an in-house IT team who provide invaluable support for our postgraduate students.

Every student is assigned a personal tutor, to whom you can talk about any matter, academic or personal, on which you need guidance or advice, and Faculty members offer office hours every week during term-time.

There is a Graduate Student Staff Liaison Committee where student representatives meet with staff to discuss the learning experience and make suggestions for continuous improvement.

We offer tailored English language classes to students taking MSc Behavioural and Economics Science, which are provided free of charge. These weekly classes are for those who wish to improve their language skills, including written work, reading, and understanding during lectures and seminars. They can also help improve your job prospects as employers will value language skills.

Economics Track students also benefit from a two week long pre-sessional course in Maths and Statistics ensuring that you are fully up to speed at the start of the programme (click here for details).