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Mon 30 Jan, '23
Grant Writing

Although grant writing may seem a distant prospect for those currently still studying, having an idea about the whole process may be rather important when you come to take up your first job post-graduation. For some graduates the best way to find a first post-doctoral position is to 'write your own job', producing at least a draft grant application that will permit you, often in collaboration with a more experienced academic, to find gainful academic employment once you finish your studies. Many post-doctoral supervisors will ask for your assistance when writing future grants too - and will be more likely to employ you in the first place if you show some knowledge of this process. And for longer-term academic positions it is rare for employers not to ask about grant potential during the interview stage.

In this session Claire from our research services will provide an introduction to the process of grant writing and provide useful tips for those just embarking on this process.

Tue 31 Jan, '23
Picture a Scientist Screening for FSEM staff and students
L3 Science Concourse

Picture a Scientist Screening: Tuesday 31 January, 09:30-10:30 (L3, Science Concourse) 

All staff and students from across the SEM faculty are welcome to join Physics at a screening of ‘Picture a Scientist’ at 09:30-10:30 on Tuesday 31 January in L3 on the Science Concourse. For more information, please follow this linkLink opens in a new window. With thanks to Chemistry for sharing the film. 

Wed 1 Feb, '23
Postgraduate Study Progression event UG finalists
Chancellors Suite, Rootes building

An event where Psychology will have a stand aimed at current Warwick UG finalists looking to progress onto a PGT programme and PGT students looking to progress onto a PGR programme.

 Livia Lita

Faculty Recruitment Officer (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Marketing and Student Recruitment

Mon 6 Feb, '23

The evaluation of the impact of research forms a significant percentage of the way in which academic departments are now evaluated, not only in the UK but in many other countries too. As a result, increasing attention has been paid to understanding what may (and may not) be considered 'impactful research', and some of the ways in which at least some of a department's work can have a wide and deep impact on society. This is important to understand even for those still studying because, as with grant writing, the potential impact of your work may often be explored during job interviews and can be sometimes important in getting an academic position. Many major grants too nowadays have an element of 'impact' too, further underlying the importance of this understanding.

In this session Rob from our research services will introduce the concept of impact, what it is (and is not) and how you might consider the future impact of your own doctoral research.

Mon 13 Feb, '23

Academic and societal impact is one thing: becoming rich and famous another. Quite a lot of the work we do in Psychology could actually have interesting spin-offs. Brendan is the University's Business Development Manager, and will hopefully share some of the secrets to this.

Thu 16 Feb, '23
Guest talk for staff and students: "Can loosing consciousness help the planet?" Dr John Pickering PLEASE SIGN UP
OC0.02 Oculus tbc

Speaker: Dr John Pickering

Can loosing consciousness help the planet?

Undergraduate Students are very welcome to attend this talk. Please complete this quick form to allow us to anticipate numbers.

Host: Professor Derrick Watson

The abstract:

There has been a return of interest in panpsychism, the idea that consciousness is as ubiquitous as matter and energy. This is a radical break with the mechanistic worldview psychology has inherited from the nineteenth century. The break is much needed, as the values implicit in that worldview have helped create the ecological crisis we now face.

Following the work of A. N. Whitehead, David Bohm and Charles Sanders Peirce, a different worldview will be proposed. In it, causes and signs are identical and consciousness exists at ranges well beyond that of human experience. The aim of the proposal is to recover some of the ecological sensitivities found in pre-scientific traditions.

If you would like to attend this talk, please complete the very quick attendance form here.

John Pickering

230216 Poster

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Mon 20 Feb, '23
The Media

Psychologists are frequently featured in the media, and this can, of course, be both a good and bad thing. Just because you have only completed half of your first preliminary pilot study does not guarantee that your small conference presentation will not gain media traction, and it is therefore to know about the media process, how to interact with the media, the tricks of press releases, and some of the things to say (and not say) when that friendly hack approaches...

Communication officer Bron Mills, now at Warwick but previously at the BBC and ITV, will impart her experience and wisdom.

Wed 22 Feb, '23
UG Offer holder

By invitation only. Queries to

Wed 1 Mar, '23
UG Offer holder

By invitation only. Queries to

Mon 6 Mar, '23 - Sun 12 Mar, '23

Runs from Monday, March 06 to Sunday, March 12.

Green Week 2023

Green Week will be taking place from Monday 6th March until Sunday 12th March. It is an annual partnership between Coventry University, the University of Warwick and our Student Unions. The aim of the week is to raise awareness of sustainability and what’s going on in the area, as well as to provide information on how everyone can make a difference and get involved. Events will be taking place in person and online to allow for more people to attend. Sessions are currently being finalised but are likely to include:

  • Lunchtime talks on research and projects at the University;
  • A transport and sustainability fair with internal and external groups in attendance;
  • Workshops on getting involved and taking action; and
  • Tours of the campus.

To reach as many people as possible we encourage everyone to get involved. If you are part of a society, a sports team, a Green Action Team or a local community group it would be great if you could run your own. Please contact if you’d like to get involved and have ideas we could discuss further. Keep an eye out on our social media pages and the official page of Green Week for updates.

Wed 8 Mar, '23
Psychology Careers Conference

Psychology Careers Conference publicity 8-3-23

Fri 17 Mar, '23
Guest Speaker: "Title tba" Dr Konstantinos Tsetsos
H0.44 Humanities

Speaker: Dr Konstantinos Tsetsos University of Bristol

Title: tba

Host: Dr Emmanouil Konstantinidis


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Wed 26 Apr, '23
UG Offer holder

By invitation only. Queries to