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MSc Psychological Research - Development of Language and Communication


You will conduct your placements and project with relevant researchers such as:

Dr Helen Brown is interested in how language learning changes across the lifespan, and the processes and mechanisms underlying these changes. Her research explores first and second language learning in both children and adults.

Dr Kate Messenger is interested in children's first language acquisition and language processing, in particular in their development, production and comprehension of syntax. She is currently investigating whether priming effects in children reflect long-term syntactic learning through syntactic priming studies with children and adults.

Prof. Sotaro Kita's research focuses on gestures that are spontaneously produced during speaking and thinking, but also includes the development of communicative abilities in children. A key question of interest to him is how processes of gesture and speech are inter-related, in contexts of perception, production and learning. Prof. Kita is also carrying out research in language learning during infancy, using a recently established infant lab.

What is the MSc Psychological Research?

The MSc Psychological Research is a new course that offers the opportunity to gain practical experience in research through placements across different laboratories working on thematically related research. This laboratory rotation offers strong candidates for doctoral research more scope to explore different topics within their interests than the traditional options at Master's level. Students first work on ongoing projects with two researchers before going on to develop their own project with a third researcher.