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Read about a new study which investigates Parent's life satisfaction prior to and following preterm birth

A new paper on the well-being of parents by Robert Eves, Dieter Wolke, Nicole Baumann, Ayten Bilgin, David Richter, Daniel Schnitzlein, and Sakari Lemola is out now! Read more here:

Results from cohort studies often report poorer mental health/lower well-being post-birth for the parents of preterm infants relative to the parents of term-born infants. Often attributed to the stress surrounding a problematic birth, significant long-term differences between the parent groups have been reported, even a decade after birth. While these studies are very important, we felt one key area was missing. What if these differences in well-being already existed before birth? This would have important implications for when and how psychosocial support should be provided to future parents of preterms.

Using two large panel studies from the UK and Germany we had the unique opportunity to look at whether differences in well-being existed up to two years before the birth had taken place. What did we find? Differences between mothers of very preterm infants and mothers of term-born infants only come about in assessments after birth, indicating that the birth is associated with the well-being differences found between parents. Thus, our research suggests providing support to parents of preterm specifically after the birth is warranted.

Wed 06 Dec 2023, 16:06 | Tags: postgraduate, research, EDandI