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Kirsty Lee

Research interests

Adolescents, bullying, sexual harm, dating violence, child maltreatment, mental health, physical health, epidemiology, longitudinal analysis.

I am happy to consider supervising PhD and MSc research degrees in any of the above or related areas. Please email me at for further information.


Representative publications

Lee, K. S. & Vaillancourt, T. (In press). The role of childhood generalized anxiety in the internalizing cluster. Psychological Medicine.

Lee, K. S. & Vaillancourt, T. (2019). A four-year prospective study of bullying, anxiety, and disordered eating behavior across early adolescence. Child Psychiatry and Human Development, 50(5), 815-825.

Lee, K. S. & Vaillancourt, T. (2019). Body mass index, peer victimization, and body dissatisfaction across 7 years of childhood and adolescence: Evidence of moderated and mediated pathways. Developmental Science, 22(2), e12734.

Lee, K. S. & Vaillancourt, T. (2018). Longitudinal associations among bullying by peers, disordered eating behavior, and symptoms of depression during adolescence. JAMA Psychiatry, 75(6), 605-612.

Lee, K. S., Brittain, H., & Vaillancourt, T. (2018). Predicting dating behavior from aggression and social preference in adolescence. Aggressive Behavior, 44(4), 372-381.

Lee, K. S. & Vaillancourt, T. (2018). Developmental pathways between peer victimization, psychological functioning, disordered eating behavior, and body mass index: A review and theoretical model. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 39, 15-24.

Lee, K. S., Dale, J., Guy, A., & Wolke, D. (2018). Bullying and negative appearance feedback among adolescents: Is it objective or misperceived weight that matters? Journal of Adolescence, 63, 118-128.

Lee, K. S., Guy, A., Dale, J., & Wolke, D. (2017). Does psychological functioning mediate the relationship between bullying involvement and weight loss preoccupation in adolescents? A two-stage cross-sectional study. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 14(38), 1-11.

Lee, K. S., Guy, A., Dale, J., & Wolke, D. (2017). Adolescent desire for cosmetic surgery: Associations with bullying and psychological functioning. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 139(5), 1109–1118.

Wolke, D., Lee, K. S., & Guy, A. (2017). Cyberbullying: A storm in a teacup? European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 26(8), 899–908.


A full list of publications can be found on Google Scholar

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Dr Kirsty Lee completed a BSc in Psychology and then worked as Assistant Clinical Psychologist in the NHS. In 2011, she began work at the Institute of Child Health (UCL) as a Research Assistant and in 2012 was awarded a CLAHRC Studentship to complete a MSc in Health Sciences at the University of York. Here she was awarded a Distinction and an Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize. From 2013-16, she was awarded a Fellowship to complete a PhD in Psychology at the University of Warwick and won the Faculty of Science PhD publication prize. In 2017, Dr Lee moved to Canada to complete a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Ottawa. Dr Lee has been an Assistant Professor in the Lifespan Health and Wellbeing group at the University of Warwick since 2019.