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What Does the Project Involve? Stage 2

Stage 2

Example tasks and questions

Some pupils will be invited to complete a second stage of assessments where we will be looking more closely at health, social and emotional factors.

- For example in one task there will be photographs which are unclear in regards to the situation, event or behaviour is being shown. Pupils will be asked what they believe is happening in the pictures:


- We will show photographs of eyes and ask what emotion is being expressed:


- Pupils will be asked to what extent they agree with statements relating to their personality traits and experiences of emotion.

For example:

*I do not show my emotions to others

*I am concerned about the feelings of others

(Answering either Not at all, Somewhat true, Very true or Definitely true)

- There will be questionnaires asking pupils how they feel about themselves and their general health/development:

1. Appearance

* How do you feel about your feet?

* How do you feel about your arms?

(Answering either strong negative feelings, moderate negative feelings, no feelings one way or the other, moderate positive feelings, or strong positive feelings)

2. Physical development

* Have you started to grow hair in the armpits?

(Answering either yes, no, or don’t want to answer)

3. Activity and behaviours

* How many days in a usual week do you play sports, do aerobics or do some other keep fit activity?

4. Type of person they think they are

* It is hard for me to make my mind up about things

* I am a very considerate person

(Answering either very true, mostly true, a little true, or not at all true)