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Jenna Gillett

Jenna Gillett is a trainee Health Psychologist who studied at the University of Buckingham, completing a 2-year intense Batchelor’s degree and Stage 1 Health Psychology Master’s. In 2017 she won the first ‘Best Undergraduate Researcher Award’ by the Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group (PsyPAG) for her undergraduate dissertation project investigating how neurotic-introvert personality types moderate the relationship between pain anticipation and pain tolerance/threshold. During her Master’s degree she completed a 6-month placement at the National Spinal Injuries Centre working with patients and helping evaluate current rehabilitation programmes. Jenna is also a passionate presenter who enjoys disseminating findings at conferences and endorsing outreach events to help young women access and progress in STEM subjects. She joined Warwick in 2019 (Nov) as a Research Assistant in the Sleep and Pain Laboratory.



Health psychology, with a particular focus on pain (both acute and chronic).

Improving quality of life for those with chronic pain in relation to how pain is measured and targeted by clinical practice.

The role of mental defeat in pain experiences.

Designing and developing pain intervention strategies via a biopsychosocial, evidenced approach.

Improving health-related outcomes for individuals with spinal cord injury.


Academic Awards:

2019 Best performance in MSc Health Psychology, University of Buckingham

2017 Best undergraduate researcher award, Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group (PsyPAG)

2017 Horlogerie Kandahar prize for outstanding achievement, University of Buckingham