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The Student Mental Health and Resilience in Transition (SMaRT) initiative was set up in 2016 by the Lifespan, Health and WellBeing team from the Department of Psychology, with the primary objective to understand and tackle the alarming rise in mental health problems within University students. The SMaRT initiative hopes to inform the development of prevention and care strategies for students based on comprehensive scientific evidence.

SMaRT received a Warwick Research Development Fund - Strategic Award to conduct a feasibility study to determine whether a Warwick-wide longitudinal study of student mental health and wellbeing was possible.

The feasibility study involved working with students and a variety of stakeholders to ensure high acceptability of a long-term study on student mental health which would follow students as they transition through University and beyond. Between the months of January and August, 2017, a 15-minute online survey aiming to capture the various factors. SMaRT was set up to study was administered to over 600 Warwick undergraduate students. In the same period, we also conducted focus group discussions with students, student representatives, tutors, and members of the wellbeing services. Together, we were able to grasp a comprehensive picture of student mental health at Warwick, and identify the potential mechanisms that contribute to poor mental health as well as maintain good mental wellbeing.

We found that factors such as students’ prior experience with mental health issues, lifestyle and social relationships are related to their current mental health. We have also identified factors that may build resilience for students at university.

We have also put together a comprehensive report detailing the study background, methods, analyses and interpretation of results as well as key recommendations.

SMaRT Group Members

DWProfessor Dieter Wolke NTDr Nicole Tang
ARDr Anu Realo AvMDr Adrian von Muhlenen
SLDr Sakari Lemola

smart_webpage_picture.jpg Ahuti Das, PhD student

anita.jpgAnita Lenneis, PhD student

robeves_v2.jpg Robert Eves, PhD student


Lauren Jones

Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like further information about the study, please contact Professor Dieter Wolke at D dot Wolke at warwick dot ac dot uk.



The full report of the SMaRT study has been launched in March 2018. It contains information about the study background, its methods, analyses and interpretation of results as well as key recommendations. We hope it will be of your interest. You can download it here.

The SMaRT brochure can be downloaded here. The key findings and recommendations are summarised here.If you want to print it, please use these settings: duplex, flip on short edge.

Download the PowerPoint presented at the dissemination event held on the 15th of March, 2018 here. Thank you to those who came and participated in the vibrant discussion!