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Academic Excellence

Research Teaching Learning Psychology Warwick

Our research-driven department can offer you a physical and intellectual environment that’ll inspire you to succeed.

We’re recognised as one of the UK’s top research departments. You’ll be taught by acclaimed academics whose enthusiasm for the subject is infectious.

As active researchers our academics delve into behavioural economics, methods for improving sleep, attention whilst driving, police decision-making, psychology within the criminal justice system and the psychology of terrorism.

Research strengths include;

  • Health and well-being
  • Infant communication and language development
  • Behavioural Science

How we make research relevant to you

During the summer, you can apply to work on a project of your own through our Undergraduate Research Support Scheme.

The scheme provides you with living expenses and the opportunity to work on research with an expert in their field.

This is great if you are thinking of postgraduate study, or you’re keen to add something distinctive to your CV.

Research facilities available to students

  • Sleep laboratory
  • Driving simulator
  • New, well-equipped infant behaviour laboratory
  • Range of biophysical testing equipment