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Research Technology Platform

As staff will know, Warwick’s research strategy of establishing Global Research Priorities (GRPs) has been successful in providing a focus for multidisciplinary research in key areas of international significance. To further support this, we have been considering how best to align some of our most significant scientific research infrastructure to encourage even more multidisciplinary working, in particular across the sciences and medicine.

We are therefore in the process of establishing ‘Research Technology Platforms’ (RTPs) which will enable us to utilise some of our most important research facilities to maximum capacity, whilst also simplifying processes and further developing cross-departmental working practices.

The idea is to take some of our most significant scientific facilities and provide a new governance model which will enable more effective access from across the University, as well providing more efficient collaboration with national and international partners.

The ‘Research Technology Platforms’ will also enable us to offer any remaining downtime on equipment to non-Warwick research teams, not only to generate new revenue but also to encourage and develop new research collaborations and networks.

The first facilities to take up this new governance arrangement will be:

  • the Biomedical Services Unit;
  • the Centre for Scientific Computing;
  • Electron Microscopy in the MAS building;
  • X-Ray Diffraction in the MAS building;
  • Biological Mass Spectrometry.

Pro Vice-Chancellor for (Science, Engineering and Medicine) Professor Tim Jones said:

“This is a bold idea which I know will bring many new opportunities to research colleagues – both those already directly engaged with the facilities and those who have been aware of the possibilities on offer but have not until now had the opportunity or encouragement to explore those possibilities.

“I am also aware that these new opportunities will occur with minimal or no inconvenience for academic colleagues and will succeed because of the work done by our many excellent research support and administrative staff in those areas. While we do not expect that there will be any significant change in the overall numbers of technical and support staff in the new governance structure, change of any sort is often unsettling and I want to thank all of you currently working with our RTPs for your flexibility, patience and organisational skills that will ensure the successful implementation of these changes.”

Further Information

Members of the project board will be available during the times below to answer any questions you may have.

Member of project board Date Time Location
Professor Pam Thomas - Chair of the Faculty of Science Wednesday 26 March 12-1pm University House CMR 1.5
Geraldine Mills - Director, HR Business Delivery Friday 28 March 11.30am-12:30pm University House CMR 0.3
Professor Tim Jones - Pro-Vice-Chancellor

(Science, Engineering and Medicine)

Wednesday 2 April 10-11am University House CMR 0.1
Professor John Davey – Warwick Medical School Thursday 3 April 11:00am-12:00pm

University House CMR 0.1

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