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Warwick Systems Biology Centre

Warwick Systems Biology Centre

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Welcome to the Warwick Systems Biology Centre

The Warwick Systems Biology Centre (WSB) represents an £11m investment by the University of Warwick to create an autonomous centre to capitalise on strengths in multidisciplinary research.

We combine experimental and mathematical approaches, focusing on linking models with the huge volume and diversity of contemporary cellular and molecular data; such as that coming from high-throughput, genome-wide and imaging technologies.

Our aim is to improve understanding of complex biological systems so that a broad range of biological and medical priorities, such as disease mechanisms, pharmaceutical drug discovery, drug target validation, and challenges in horticulture and agriculture, can be addressed.

Loss of Endometrial Plasticity in Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Our Research

wsb_brochuresmaller.jpgDivided into eight themes, our research enables unique interactions between researchers of different disciplines both at the University of Warwick and with collaborators at a wide range of research insititutions.

  • Analytical Experiments
  • Medical Systems Biology
  • Cellular Mechanics/Spatial Systems Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Cell Signalling
  • Plant Systems Biology
  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Machine Learning/Data Science

Postgraduate study

Find out about opportunities for study in our multi-disciplinary doctoral training centres, and how to apply.

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