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Prof. Nigel Burroughs

You have reached the website of Professor Nigel Burroughs in the Warwick Systems Biology Centre.

Please look at my project pages above if you would like more information and go to recent publications for access to papers.

Teaching: Mathematical and Statistical challenges in cancer (TCC/Ma5Q3), Introduction to Systems Biology (MA256), MathSys Study Group (MA932, MSc) on information extraction from 3+1D high resolution imaging, Physical Biology of the Cell (MD991, MSc in WMS) on cell division.

I have very broad interests in applying physical science techniques (mathematics, physics, statistics) to biological and medical problems, finding challenges in dynamic phenomena the most fun to work on, either developing models of mechanism, or analysing data to demonstrate or discover mechanisms. This can be at a range of scales, from the molecular, eg a signalling mechanism, to the cellular, such as the mechanics of cell division. I use a variety of data types, 3+1D fluorescence data, omics data, biochemical data ..... with a variety of techniques from mathematics and statistics, including dynamical systems, graph theory, stochastic modelling and the highly flexible range of Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) techniques.

Research projects include/have included/hoped for- in cell biology: actin dynamics, microtubule dynamics, kinetochore oscillations (current project), evolution/progression of cancer; in immunology: T cell and NK cell signalling; high dimensional omics data analysis: inferring gene regulatory networks by integrating transcriptome, proteome and bioinformatics data; in fluorescence data analysis: analysis of single particle tracking data, perturbation methods (Photoactivatable GFP, FRAP); in synthetic biology: improving photosynthesis (current project MAGIC); in Bioenergy: regulational aspects and design.

I run a dynamic research group that fluctuates from 1-7 PDRAs, 1-4 PhD students. I hope they are happy and content.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

Warwick Systems Biology

Coventry House (top floor)

University of Warwick

Coventry CV4 7AL

United Kingdom


024 76524682

Email (remove spaces):

n.j.burroughs @