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Jay Moore

Dr. Jonathan D. Moore
Honorary Research Fellow

Tel: +44 777 625 3051
Email: jonathan dot moore at tgac dot ac dot uk

Research interests

I am developing bioinformatic approaches to understanding and visualising complex interactions between hosts and pathogens, and between crops and soil communities. I am collaborating on genomic and transcriptomic models of crop responses to environmental stimuli. I am an honorary member of the Allaby Research Group which specialises in plant evolution and crop domestication and collaborate on plant archaeogenomics. I maintain an ongoing interest in developing comparative models of genome organisation and regulation in Brassicaceae. In collaboration with Medical School colleagues, I work on expression analysis in pregnancy and in relation to adipose tissue and metabolic disorder.

In collaboration with Rich Savage I'm part of the prize-winning WarwickDataScience competitive predictive modelling team.


Ph.D. Plant and Environmental Science, University of Warwick: Constraints on sequence evolution in the segmentally duplicated Brassica oleracea genome
M.Sc. Conservation and Utilisation of Plant Genetic Resources (Distinction), University of Birmingham
P.G.Cert. Enterprise and Network Management, Sheffield Hallam University Business School
B.Eng. (Hons.) Electronic Engineering, University of Sheffield

I am currently Bioinformatics Manager for The Genome Analysis Centre's Platforms and Pipelines group, providing bioinformatics analysis to TGAC's clients.

I have provided leadership in a variety of collaborative online projects, currently including curation of the ScoCyc database of Streptomyces metabolic pathways, and in the past managing the development of the online Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy, and working for the Open University as an Associate Lecturer and Team Leader in piloting their first online course. I also provided technical leadership to the European Crop Wild Relative Diversity Assessment and Conservation Forum, and was responsible for database design and development of the forum's online database of the Crop Wild Relatives of Europe and the Mediterranean.

I have worked as a consultant for a variety of international management consultancy companies and public sector organisations through my own consultancy business, providing technical leadership in some of the UK's largest-scale data integration projects.



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