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Dr Giorgos Minas

I joined WSBC in May 2013 after completing my PhD in Statistics at the Department of Statistics of University of Warwick. I worked as a Research Associate on PRESTA and ROBUST projects on modelling transcription regulation until April 2014. I then moved to the BBSRC sLoLa research grant `Systems Biology analysis of biological timers and inflammation' which is a collaboration between three universities (Manchester, Liverpool, Warwick) led by Professor Michael White at University of Manchester. I recently moved (as named researcher) to the EPSRC grant `Mathematical Foundations of Information and Decisions in Dynamic Cell Signalling' awarded to Professor David Rand.

Our focus is on developing stochastic models for molecular biology networks (particularly, the circadian clock, and the NF-κB signalling pathway) and using these stochastic models to perform fast stochastic simulations, statistical inference, and analysis of various aspects of these networks mainly using information theory tools.


  • Minas, Giorgos and Rand, David A. Long-time analytic approximation of large stochastic oscillators: simulation, analysis and inference, Giorgos Minas and David A Rand, PLOS Computational Biology 13(7): e1005676.
  • Minas, Giorgos and Dafyd J. and Rand, David A. and Finkenstädt, Bärbel (2017). Inferring transcriptional logic from multiple dynamic experiments, Bioinformatics, Volume 33, Issue 21, 1 November 2017, Pages 3437–3444,
  • Minas, Giorgos and Momiji, Hiroshi and Jenkins, Dafyd J. and Costa, Maria J. and Rand, David A. and Finkenstädt, Bärbel (2017). ReTrOS: A MATLAB toolbox for reconstructing and analysing transcriptional activity from gene and protein expression data, BMC Bioinformatics, 18:316,
  • Multivariate Global Testing and Adaptive Designs. Minas, Giorgos, PhD Thesis 
  • Minas, Giorgos, Aston, John A. D. and Stallard, Nigel (2014). Adaptive multivariate global testing, Journal of the Americal Statistical Association (Theory and Methods), 109 (506): 613-623,
  • Minas, Giorgos, Rigat, Fabio, Nichols, Thomas E., Aston, John A. D. and Stallard, Nigel. A hybrid procedure for detecting global treatment effects in multivariate clinical trials: theory and applications to fMRI studies, Statistics in Medicine, 2012, 31, 253-268,
  • Minas, Giorgos and Aston, John A. D (2013). Discussion on “Group sequential tests for delayed responses, L. V. Hampson and C. Jennisson, Journal of Royal Statistical Society, Series B (Statistical Methodology), 2013, 75, 3-54'',
  • Minas, Giorgos, Aston, John A. D., Nichols, Thomas E. and Stallard, Nigel. ROI analysis of pharmafMRI data: an adaptive approach for global testing, Proceedings of 46th Scientific Meeting of the Italian Statistical Society, 2012

Work in progress:

  • De-multiplexing signals in noisy molecular biology networks
  • Stochastic simulation of sustained, damped, and forced oscillatory systems
  • Statistical inference for oscillatory biological systems

TRS: Inferring transcriptional regulation logic from multiple dynamic experiments

ReTrOS: A MATLAB toolbox for reconstructing and analysing transcriptional activity from gene and protein expression data

Selected Presentations
  • St Andrews, March 2018, 28th Annual Workshop on Mathematical and Statistical Aspects of Molecular Biology, talk
  • Southampton, December 2018, School of Mathematical Sciences, seminar
  • St Andrews, November 2018, School of Mathematics and Statistics, seminar
  • Rome, June, 2012: 46th Meeting of Italian Statistical Society, invited talk
  • London, May, 2012: RSS ordinary meeting, discussion
  • Warwick, January, 2012: Neurophysics Workshop, PharmafMRI, invited talk
  • Lancaster, June, 2011: Adaptive designs and multiple testing procedures Workshop, contributed talk
  • Warwick, May, 2011: Warwick Medical School Seminar, invited talk
  • Texas, January, 2011: Fourth Annual Bayesian Biostatistics Conference, contributed talk - poster
  • Piraeus, August, 2010: 28th European Meeting of Statisticians, contributed poster
  • Brighton, September 2010: Royal Statistical Society Conference, contributed talk

Other Academic Activities

Referee for MRC, Statistics in Medicine, Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics, Mathematical Reviews, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation

Teaching, Univ of Warwick:

- Lectures (4 classes replacement):

  • Bayesian Forecasting and Intervention, Spring Term 2016

- Supervision tutorials:

  • Mathematics and computational methods in systems biology (SYSMIC), Autumn term 2015

- Exercises tutorials:

  • Probability A-B, Spring Term 2010
  • Mathematical Statistics A-B, Autumn term 2010,2011, Spring Term 2012 \
  • Medical Statistics, Spring Term 2012

Reading Group organizer, Univ of Warwick:

  • Principles of Statistical Inference, Spring Term 2011
  • Neuroimaging Statistics, Academic Year 2011-2012


Contact details

Room 330,
The Zeeman Institute,
Senate House,
University of Warwick,

Tel: +44 (024 761)50243