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Hiroshi Momiji

Momiji H*, Hassall KL, Featherstone K, McNamara AV, Patist AL, Spiller DG, Christian HC, White MRH*, Davis JRE*, Finkenstädt BF*, Rand DA (2019)*.
PLOS Computational Biology (in the press).
Disentangling juxtacrine from paracrine signalling in dynamic tissue.
Xue M†, Momiji H†, Rabbani N, Barker G, Bretschneider T, Shmygol A, Rand DA, Thornalley PJ (2015).
Antioxidants & Redox Signaling, 23: 613-629.
Eq (A)
A DDE (delay differential equation) I derived for the autonomous Nrf2 translocation oscillation,
where y denotes the nuclear fraction and y(tτ) a delayed y.
This is the minimal model. See the paper for more mechanistic models.
Momiji H, Monk NAM (2009). Physical Review E 80: 021930.
Momiji H, Monk NAM (2008). Journal of Theoretical Biology 254: 784-798.
And in recent years, I have been awarded by Renesas Electronics (Japan), financially for some patents.
Dunham LSS, Momiji H, Harper CV, Hey K, McNamara AV, Featherstone K, Spiller DG, Rand DA, Finkenstadt B, White MRH, Davis JRE (2017). Cell Systems, 5(6), 646–653.e5.
Asymmetry between Activation and Deactivation during a Transcriptional Pulse.
Hey KL, Momiji H, Featherstone K, Davis JRE, White MRH, Rand DA, Finkenstadt B (2015).
Featherstone K, Hey K, Momiji H, McNamara AV, Patist AL, Woodburn J, Spiller DG, Christian HC,
McNeilly AS, Mullins JJ, Finkenstädt B, Rand DA, White MRH, Davis JRE (2016). eLife 5: e08494.
Spatially Coordinated Dynamic Gene Transcription in Living Pituitary Tissue.
Lall GS, Revell VL, Momiji H, Enazi JE, Altimus CM, Güler AD, Aguillar C, Cameron MA, Allender S,
Hankins MW, Lucas RJ (2010). Neuron 66: 417-428.
Distinct contributions of rod, cone and melanopsin photoreceptors to encoding irradiance.
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    Nrf2 translocation oscillation
    (recorded by Mingzhan Xue)
    Nrf2 pathway and cyclic refresh