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Director: Professor David Rand Regulatory and signalling networks. Mathematical analysis.  
Academic staff:

Dr. Annabelle Ballesta

Applied mathematics and biomedicine  

Prof. Jim Beynon

Plant sciences, plant resistance to diseases
Joint with School of Life Sciences
  Dr. Hugo van den Berg Mathematical biologist. Energy allocation, neurobiology, theoretical immunology  
  Dr. Till Bretschneider Modelling, quantitiative image analysis, cell motility and cytoskeleton, excitiation waves  
  Prof. Vicky Buchanan-Wollaston Emeritus Director of the Systems Biology Doctoral Training Centre
Joint with School of Life Sciences
  Prof. Nigel Burroughs Mathematician. Modelling, phylogenetics, theoretical immunology, gene networks inference, image analysis  

Dr. Robert Dallmann

Circadian biology and in vivo pharmacology
Joint with Warwick Medical School

  Prof. Francis Lévi

Cancer, chromotherapy, circadian rhythms
Joint with Warwick Medical School

  Dr. Sascha Ott Bioinformatics, network inference, transcription factor prediction  
  Dr. Deepak Parashar Joint with Warwick Cancer Research Unit  

Dr. Naila Rabbani

Proteomics, protein damage, diabetes, lipoproteins  
  Dr. Magnus Richardson Theoretical neurobiology  
  Dr. Richard Savage Machine learning, data science, biostatistics
Joint with Warwick Medical School

Prof. Paul Thornalley

Proteomics, protein damage, diabetes, renal failure, anti-stress gene response
Joint with Warwick Medical School
  Prof. David Wild Statistical bioinformatics  
Bioinformatics & Scientific Computing: Dr. Tauqeer Alam Bioinformatics Team Leader  
Dr. Paul Brown Systems administration and scientific software development  
Research Staff: Dr. Piotr Baniukiewicz QuimP software for cellular morphodynamics  
  Dr. Alina Bazarova Genome wide identification of priming sites for Okazaki fragments  
  Dr. Nigel Dyer Bioinformatics  
  Dr. Giorgos Minas Systems Biology analysis of biological timers and inflammation  
  Dr. Hiroshi Momiji SysMedIBD  
Honorary Fellow: Prof. Graham Wood Bee virus project