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How to have Difficult Conversations


The Workshop will take place on Wednesday 4th December 2019, 2pm until 5pm in the MOAC Seminar Room, Top Floor Senate House, Central Campus.

Admitting a big mistake; challenging a colleague; asking for a raise; telling the person you sit next to every day that they smell. These are just a few of the difficult conversation that you may need to conduct during your professional life. This course will help you explore:

  • Why these conversations are challenging
  • How to not avoid them
  • How to prepare for a successful resolution
  • How to adapt your style to different types of people

As well as covering a range of leading theories, you will have the opportunity to practice in the training room and decide when you are going to have that conversation you have been putting off!


Assoc. Prof. Adair Richards is a world leader in researcher development as well as being an academic, consultant, judge and broadcaster. He has worked for many of the world’s leading Universities and last year his training courses were delivered across 5 continents. He attained 5 of his University qualifications at Warwick where he has trained researchers for over a decade.

He has an award-winning PhD and has completed postdoctoral research positions in both the sciences and the humanities. Recent feedback from University participants on his courses comment particularly on his ability to empower lasting change and on his combination of being both intellectually rigorous and very personable.

You can watch him deliver his TEDx talk ‘Designing Universities that Work’ at

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