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Many researchers use spectroscopy of one form or another in their research. The ones listed here include those of us who are developing new methods and techniques. Our activities span instrumentation development, molecular characterisation, and photochemistry. The lists given below are an attempt to provide a brief summary of this diversity. The links to individual's web pages provide more details.


Absorbance (UV-visible)

Circular dichroism


Infra-red absorbance

Linear dichroism


Spectroscopy RTP

Warwick Centre for Ultrafast Spectroscopy


Academics and Their Research Areas

Dr Claudia Blindauer (Protein structure, dynamics of metal uptake and release, and biomolecular interactions)

Professor Tim Bugg (Understanding of important enzyme-catalysed reactions)

Professor Greg Challis (Natural products chemistry and biology)

Dr Christophe Corre (Bacterial signalling: new chemical keys to unlock the production of novel microbial antibiotics)

Dr Ann Dixon (Developing methods for describing the assembly, interactions and three-dimensional structures of membrane proteins)

Dr Matthew Gibson (Design of membrane-interacting macromolecules)

Dr Mark Newton (Electronic properties, lattice structures of defects and dopants in diamond)

Dr Teresa Pinheiro (Molecular mechanism of prion conversion)

Professor Alison Rodger (Biomacromolecule structure and function, developing new polarised spectroscopy techniques for biomacromolecules)

Dr Vas Stavros (Developing new experimental techniques to identify these mechanisms based on femtosecond lasers and molecular beam methodologies)



Uses of spectroscopy in a range of different courses including undergraduate, masters and special workshops.

Collaborative Instrumentation Industry Links