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Prof. Alison Rodger


Prof. Alison Rodger

BSc(Hons), PhD (Sydney), MA (Oxon), DSc (Sydney), DSc (Warwick), BA (Chester), FRSC, FRACI


Alison moved to Macquarie University in 2017 and is an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Warwick.


Research Summary

Biomacromolecule structure and function including DNA, membrane proteins and fibrous proteins including application to bacterial cell division. Intermolecular interactions. Developing new polarised spectroscopy techniques for biomacromolecules. Particular expertise in circular and linear dichroism, fluorescence. Analytical chemistry, especially as related to biological applications.

Selected Publications

Lobo, D.P.; Wemyss, A.M.; Smith, D.J; Straube, A.; Betteridge, K.B.; Salmon, A. H.J.; Foster, R.R.; Elhegni, H.E.; Satchell, S.C.; Little, H.A.; Pacheco-Gómez, R.; Simmons, M.J.; Hicks,, M.R.; Bates, D.O.; Rodger, A.*; Dafforn, T.R.; Arkill, K.P. “Direct detection and measurement of wall shear stress using a filamentous bio-nanoparticle” Nano Research, 2015, 54, 3803−3813 DOI: 10.1007/s12274-015-0831-x

Hall, V.; Sklepari, M.; Rodger, A. “Protein Secondary Structure Prediction from Circular Dichroism Spectra Using a Self-organising Map with Concentration Correction”, Chirality, 2014, 26, 471-482. doi: 10.1002/chir.22338

Calculations of flow-induced orientation distributions for analysis of linear dichroism spectroscopy, McLachlan, J.A.; Smith, D.J.; Chmel, N; Rodger, A., Soft Matter, 2013, 9, 4977–4984. doi:10.1039/C3SM27419E

A model of membrane contraction predicting initiation and completion of bacterial cell division, E. Dow, C.E.; Rodger, A.*; David I. Roper, D.I.; van den Berg, H.A., Integrative Biology, 2013, 5, 778–795. doi:10.1039/C3IB20273A

Optically pure, water-stable metallo-helical ‘flexicate’ assemblies with antibiotic activity, S.E. Howson, A. Bolhuis, V. Brabec, G.J. Clarkson, J. Malina, A. Rodger, P. Scott, Nature Chemistry, 2012, 4, 31–36, doi:10.1038/nchem.1206

Experimental and theoretical polarized Raman linear difference spectroscopy of small molecules with a new alignment method using stretched polyethylene film, Kowalska, P.; Cheeseman, J.R.; Razmkah, K.; Green, B.; Nafie, L.A.; Rodger, A. Analytical Chemistry, 2012, 84, 1394–1401 doi:org/10.1021/ac202432e

Linear dichroism and circular dichroism: A textbook on polarized spectroscopy
B. Nordén, A. Rodger, T. Dafforn, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2010, pp293. DOI: 10.1039/9781847559524