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SCIP Networking Event 8th December 2015

Beyond the Hype: Exploring the Supply Chain Opportunities of Industry 4.0

Supply Chain Opportunities

Much of the hype surrounding Industry 4.0 has focused within the walls of the factory. The cyber-physical age has the power to transcend the entire value chain. In Uber and AirBnB style, it has the potential to make demand and supply visible in a way not previously conceived. This will create new business models by connecting individual consumer demand with a highly distributed network of supply. McKinsey are already expanding the concept to Logistics 4.0, and Procurement 4.0 will soon follow.

This networking event looked beyond the bounds of the factory and discussed the supply chain opportunities Industry 4.0 presents.

Guest speakers Alan Norbury, Central Technology Officer (Siemens PLC) and Stephen Goodman, CTO Industry & Infrastructure (Cisco International Ltd) shared their perspectives on Industry 4.0 and supply chains.