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Cancelled - Monash-Warwick: Introducing circularity, practices for adoption and digitisation

 7th June 2023 at 13:30 - University of Warwick - NAIC - Room - TBC

Facilitated by Associate Professor Glen Croy, Professor Amrik Sohal, Monash Business School, and Doctor Leonie van 't Hag, Faculty of Engineering, Monash University

From this half-day workshop, you will:

  • Have a conversant understanding of the circular economy, be able to distinguish between the traditional economic and the circular model, and able to describe and discuss the differences in focus and practice.
  • Know the available categories of circular practices that can be adopted by businesses, and have identified appropriate specific practices for your business.
  • Consider opportunities for technology and digitalisation to assist in the adoption and continuation of circular economy practices.

During the workshop the dominant economic model will be presented and the evident challenges it has presented. These challenges are widely demonstrated, amongst many other things, in climate change-induced events. This will set the scene for the need for change and the adoption of the circular economy model.

We will use the value hill model to introduce the circular economy. We will explore the three parts of the value hill: value creation, use-extension, and value capture. The three parts of the value hill highlight opportunities to implement circular practices. All the same, we will use the 10R framework to introduce and identify specific practices for businesses to start their circular economy journey. The 10R framework is an extension of the 3Rs of reduce, re-use, and recycle.

Using this new knowledge of the circular economy and the 10Rs we will identify specific practices for your business to adopt in starting the circular economy journey.

Finally, we will introduce technological and digitisation opportunities to facilitate the adoption of circular economy practices, monitor the effectuation, and measure comparable achievements.