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Welcome to Global PAD

Global PAD (Global Professional and Academic Development) is for professionals and higher education students and staff seeking to develop their skills for modern society. It is developed and maintained by staff in the Centre for Applied Linguistics at the University of Warwick, UK, and focuses on the following areas:


    Click on the relevant links on this page to gain access to our GoGlobal Resources for a globalising world, our self-access e-learning courses available for purchase, the e-courses you are enrolled on, and our range of open access resources.

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    GoGlobal: Resources for a globalising world

    For Higher Education
    For Professionals/Companies
      • Develop Global Skills for the workplace through our diagnostic tool, Global Professionals Profiler, and our blended learning course Global People@Work:
        • Seeing Culture@work
        • Diverse Teams@work
        • Global Leaders@work.
      Diverse teams at work image

      GlobalPeople Resources

      At our GlobalPeople Knowledge Exchange you can benefit from our open access bank of resources on the intercultural field.

      Some highlights include:

      Other parts of our new GlobalPeople website offer diagnostic tools and training courses for purchase. Seeing culture at work image